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AIMM-Portugal is collecting data at sea on species occurrence, behavior and social structure to support scientific studies and update conservation status and knowledge of marine species, particularly marine mammals. It is also developing education programs, activities and partnerships among sea stakeholders to empower awareness and understanding of the marine wildlife in their natural habitat.

The participants in our internships are young hard working individuals, who are willing to contribute to the association and support on-going activities, while experiencing fieldwork at sea, learn data collection and processing methodologies. Specifically, interns responsibilities are:

  • On-board surveys of marine species occurrence.
  • Record track and data on GPS.
  • Collect data on behavior, group size, species, etc.
  • Photo-identification.
  • Entry data on databases and spread cheats.
  • Photo-identification processing.
  • Preliminary data interpretation. 

If you are not familiar with this type of work go to our website and join us in an internship. It’s a good opportunity to learn collecting data methodologies, experience work at sea and live with experienced marine biologists, AIMM partners, students and researchers.

If you are already familiar with this type of work we have a Research Assistant position for 2 months, that will assist the interns coordinator, support and share interns responsibilities. 

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