Marine Mammal Veterinarian (113 views)

January 12, 2020

Aquazoo Vision would like to announce that we are looking for a hardworking and motivated Veterinarian to join our team.

Successful candidate will be based in a non-profit research, education and interaction facility in Asia. your primary role will be to manage the health and well-being of our bottlenose dolphins. Your responsibilities would include, but are not limited to; Performing routine health assessments; biological sample collection and analysis; diagnostic imaging through ultrasound; providing supportive care for injured or ill animals; prescribing medications; and maintaining animal health records.

As the facility that you are base in is an educational and interactive facility, there may be opportunities for you to assist with guests during educational tours and programming. Therefore you should possess strong customer service skills. You may also learn about marine animal care and training from working closely with and supporting the marine mammal training team.

Job Requirements:

  1. Must be able to do the above described work, and posses a good work ethic.
  2. Maintain high ethical standards in personnel safety and animal care.
  3. Must be a graduate from an accredited veterinary university program and possess a current licence to practice as a veterinarian in your home country.
  4. One to Two years practice working with live animals is preferred but not mandatory. Any experience in marine mammal medicine is a plus.
  5. Understanding of how to analyse biological samples such as fecal, blowhole, urine and blood using a microscope.
  6. Display a strong commitment to collaboration and teamwork.
  7. Be able to work in harsh environmental conditions, such as direct sunlight, heat and heavy rain.
  8. Be physically fit and a strong swimmer in all water depths. Open Water Scuba Certification preferred but not mandatory
  9. Strong customer service and public speaking skills.
  10. Must be able to speak, understand and read and write in English. Knowledge of a second language (especially in Chinese, Japanese or Korean) is beneficial.
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