Whale watching Guide (132 views)

Calheta, Madeira Island
January 22, 2019

Candidate profile

• Background in Marine Biology
• Professional experience in working with cetaceans (whale-watching /research)
• Power boat license (valid in Europe), previous experience on boats desirable
• Fluent in both German and English (French desirable)
• Experience with speaking in front of groups, leadership skills
• Proactive, responsible and engaged work attitude
• Able to spend hours at sea (not prone to sea-sickness)
• Working philosophy should correspond with that of the company (for further information please visit our website)

Complementary skills

• Interest in nature photography
• Experience in marine eco-tourism (snorkeling tours, boat tours etc.)
• Computer skills & data management
• Driving license
• Ability to write texts in both English and German
• Open to independently organise/ set up work-related projects

The candidate is responsible for his/her own accomodation and transport to work. In turn we offer our candidate a full-time position with the archipelagos first whale-watching company and hands-on experience with cetaceans in the field.